Audiobook Review: Better in the Morning

Book 3

Title: Better in the Morning

Author: Fern Ronay

Narrator (audio version): Veronica Pace

Light, fun and funny: Better in the Morning was the perfect light listen after a string of intense and emotional books and audiobooks recently.  Was it life-changing? No.  Was it necessary?  Yes.  Sometimes you have to take a break from the stories that tear you up inside, even if they accurately reflect the world around you or how precious and tenuous life can be, and dive in to a loveable, happy go lucky RomCom to relax.

Veronica Buccino is an almost-30 Manhattanite with the perfect life on fast track and she couldn’t be more miserable.  She’s a lawyer with a good best friend, an apartment in the city and a boyfriend (soon to be fiancé?) in finance but that law degree means she has student debt and her fancy apartment comes with rent to match which means she stuck working for a nightmare boss and her boyfriend seems like he could care less about any of it! In Better in the Morning we meet Veronica when she reaches a crossroads in her life; I found myself enjoying the fact that I was along for the ride and rooting for  “hurricane Veronica” to follow the signs and find her true self and happiness.

The narration by Veronica Pace in this audio version was spot on, with the wonderful Jersey girl accent when needed but the pleasant voice that reminded me of actress Isla Fisher, Pace played the part of Buccino perfectly.  While I found there were small details that the narration seemed to rush through, and the audio itself a little glitch with noticeable corrections and at times brief “skips” this didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book at all.

Partly cheesy, partly adorable, fully enjoyable; for fans of Emily Griffin, the Devil Wears Prada, Bridget Jones’ Diary and the like. I recommend this to anyone who holes up at home with their chick flick of choice and a glass of <insert drink of choice here> when the world just starts to seem like too much.  If “chick lit” is your thing then this one is for you, but I also think it’s a great palate cleanser for any one in need of a good escape and smile.

Thank you to author Fern Ronay for the free audiobook download.  I received a copy in exchange for my review, but all opinions are my own.

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Carolyn Sutton

Book Lover 💚Book Blogger 💚 Book Fairy I am a hard working mom with a full time job and not enough time in the day. I've had a passion for reading since I was 5 and lately, in my busy mom life, reading has become the ultimate guilty pleasure since it does NOT involve multitasking - which just makes me crave it even more.

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