Review: Self-Made Woman

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I am thrilled to be partnering with TLC Book Tours and University of Wisconsin Press to bring this gem of a book to your attention today: Self-Made Woman by Denise Chanterelle DuBois

Self Made Woman is Denise “DuBois’s searing, brutally honest memoir of her emotional journey from male to female is occasionally shocking but ultimately joyful. Embracing her identity as a woman, she remade herself. Writing with honesty and humor, she confronts both her past and her present to tell an American story of self-discovery.” per Google books.

Trigger warning: domestic violence, drug use

I picked this one up this past week while on my annual reading vacation and I’ll be honest, this one was hard to read and one that I found myself picking up and putting down for something lighter throughout the week; this was not due to bad writing or lack of interest or anything but just because this one was just too damn sad sometimes! Heartbreaking, eye opening and ultimately hopeful: Reading Self-Made Woman was like reading as Denise worked her way through her journey from her difficult, at times very scary, past to reconcile with herself and become the woman she always knew to could and would be.  This was not a memoir that read like fiction, this was not a perfectly paced plot – it read as a record of the scattered memories of a woman who traveled the hard road because she knew she truly had no other choice.

I’d recommend this to anyone open to further exploring and experiencing the struggles of the transgender generation of the past; only in our willingness to better understand and perhaps empathize with others will we fully be able to change the world and hope that better options and choices are available to generations to come, and after reading this book I am completely convinced that this is absolutely necessary.

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