#SRC2018 Review: How Hard Can It Be?


Title: How Hard Can It Be?

Author: Allison Pearson

We’ve arrived at week 4 of BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge #SRC2018 which brings us to this fun one!  Honestly, I was sold when I saw the cover alone – that’s me at least 1 day a week (!) – and I was so pleasantly surprised at how topical this one turned out to be.  Hysterical, sharp and relevant: How Hard Can It Be manages to guide us through some of the scariest issues facing teens and overworked parents today.

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you ever wanna know what a woman’s mind is like, imagine a browser with 3241 tabs open. All.The.Time.”?  This book is like a hilarious, all too realistic expansion on that idea. Luckily we find ourselves in Kate’s mind which is equal parts dripping with sarcasm and spunky as hell.

Kate Reddy is a pre-menopausal 49 year old mother of 2 teenagers, wife to a mid-life crisis suffering ex-architect, daughter to an elderly mother who refuses to slow down, best friend to a miserable lawyer she’s worried is a closeted alcoholic, home restoration rookie, member of a late in life career starting women’s support group, and lastly but not leastly (not a word, but you get the gist) a woman “of a certain age” restarting her career due to necessity and necessity alone which means she’s been thrust in to the new world of working millennials.  – – – Are you exhausted yet?  Kate is.  Now, all she needs to do is figure out a way to re-enter the work force and earn as much as she was making before so she can support her whole family since her husband has basically given up and all while keeping tabs on her teenaged children and somehow salvaging her marriage and saving the rest of her crazy family.  Easy-peasy, right?

This one was full of so many quotable quips about motherhood that I found myself wishing I had armed myself with book darts when I took this one a road trip with me.  Seriously, I’m itching to go back through this one and attack it with my highlighter…

Apparently this is a sequel to Pearson’s I Don’t Know How She Does It, also featuring our heroine Kate and her chaotic life; I never read it, but I get the sense that if you read that one and loved it then this one will not disappoint.  I can say that in my opinion there was no need to read I Don’t Know How She Does It to enjoy How Hard Can It Be.  I didn’t even realize it was a sequel until after I finished the whole book, although I’m now considering going back and reading that one, or checking out the movie version starring Sarah Jessica Parker!

You may not enjoy this book if you like your stories to be well paced and linear, because while Kate Reddy is a delightful, charming, witty narrator she’s kind of a hot mess and you’ll probably find yourself struggling to keep up with her mile-a-minute pace.  But I think anyone who can appreciate a strong, sarcastic female protagonist and especially anyone who feels like overworked, underappreciated mother themselves who is used to  will truly understand and appreciate this book.

Thank you to BookSparks for this free copy to read and review.  While I received this book for free, all opinions are my own.



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Carolyn Sutton

Book Lover 💚Book Blogger 💚 Book Fairy I am a hard working mom with a full time job and not enough time in the day. I've had a passion for reading since I was 5 and lately, in my busy mom life, reading has become the ultimate guilty pleasure since it does NOT involve multitasking - which just makes me crave it even more.

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