#SRC2018 Review: Tell Me Lies


Title: Tell Me Lies

Author: Carola Lovering

I’m not gonna lie (see what I did there…) this one made me cringe a bit, but in a good way, I promise!  Raw, passionate and relentless: Tell Me Lies is a harsh but all too realistic young, toxic love story that will get under your skin and probably stay there.

Lucy is a college freshman who has just escaped her stifling upper class Long Island home, crowded with all the family secrets and barely there relationship with her mother, and arrived in California for school (finally!).  She’s worked hard for this fresh start and she knows exactly what she wants to get out of her college experience.  She manages to find some amazing friends pretty quickly and meets Stephen, a bad boy who somehow charms his way in to her affections and roots himself firmly in her thoughts.

Stephen is so clearly a cheater and a liar by nature, but for some reason Lucy just can’t seem to get over him or say no to him, and so their story unfolds over the years – will she ever come to her senses or will she lose everything she’s worked so hard for?

The story is told through alternating narrations from Lucy and Stephen and in many ways both Lucy and Stephen were unlikable; Stephen for very obvious reasons and Lucy for being so wrapped up in her own life she can’t find a way to gain some perspective on her situation which you, the reader, so clearly have.

Tell Me Lies is a book for anyone who dares revisit the place in their heart where they have left that one relationship – you know the one that tore you apart and spit you out and reeled you back for more only to push you off the edge before it was over – THAT one.  If you are a woman and you’ve never been Lucy you’ve probably had to talk your friend through a similar relationship and know full well how realistic this story of a love that clouds the good judgment of even the smartest young woman really is.

While I can appreciate how true this story rings to so many stories out there it was still hard for me to  experience alongside Lucy.  Don’t get me wrong, this was a GOOD book, maybe even a must read for anyone a little younger than I, but for me it was hard to read and not quite enjoyable.

Thank you to BookSparks and and Atria Books for my free copy.  While I received this book for free to read and review, all opinions are my own.


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Carolyn Sutton

Book Lover 💚Book Blogger 💚 Book Fairy I am a hard working mom with a full time job and not enough time in the day. I've had a passion for reading since I was 5 and lately, in my busy mom life, reading has become the ultimate guilty pleasure since it does NOT involve multitasking - which just makes me crave it even more.

2 thoughts on “#SRC2018 Review: Tell Me Lies”

  1. I’ve been seeing this book around but this is the first review I’ve actually sat down to read about it — very interesting! it’s so true that if you haven’t been that person you certainly know someone who has and it’s so frustrating to talk people out of it! Helpful and good review!


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