#SRC2018 Review: Entangled Moon

book 15

Title: Entangled Moon

Author: E. G. Frey

Synopsis, via Goodreads:

Long ago, Heather left her old life behind. Now, she has everything: a marriage to a handsome executive, a managerial human resources position in a powerful multinational, and a beautiful daughter. And she will do anything to keep it that way. But everything has a price. When a bullet ends the life of another woman―an ex-employee whom Heather helped fire―it sets off a chain of events that jeopardizes everything for which Heather has worked. Events of Heather’s past soon collide with her company’s wrongdoings, and she must risk everything to expose them. But all she’s ever known is the peril of being visible. Frightened and desperate, Heather calls upon her constant childhood friends―friends who long ago saved her from a life of pain―and, together, they will once again face the events of a traumatic night that each has sought to forget. Because sometimes the only ones who can save you are those with whom you share your deepest and darkest secrets―those who know that fear is the price of silence

My Review:

What struck me most about this one was the strong friendship theme throughout, it was probably the thing I liked most about this book.  While the pacing felt a little off, the dialog a tad inauthentic and overall there was just a sense of trying a little too hard to make this a relevant book, Frey’s ability to keep the reader hooked and build a twisty, dark mystery with a strong female cast kept me intrigued and reading til the end.

I’d recommend this to a reader who isn’t too picky about their mysteries and loves to read about some badass women.


Thanks to BookSparks for including this in their Summer Reading Challenge for 2018 and sending me this copy.  While I received a free copy to read and review, all  opinions are my own.


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Carolyn Sutton

Book Lover 💚Book Blogger 💚 Book Fairy I am a hard working mom with a full time job and not enough time in the day. I've had a passion for reading since I was 5 and lately, in my busy mom life, reading has become the ultimate guilty pleasure since it does NOT involve multitasking - which just makes me crave it even more.

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