Meet The Blogger

Hi, I’m Carolyn.  I am a book lover and insomniac which seem to pair nicely together.  I have a full time career, a husband, two young children, a dog and a cat.  Reading is my me time, my escape, my selfish thing, the only thing I do without folding laundry, helping with homework, cooking dinner, paying bills or otherwise supermom’ing it up (also known as multitasking) – so you can imagine how important it is to me.

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a favorite type of book, but my reading time is valuable to me so I only try to read books that I am already very excited about.  I enjoy a good mystery, memoir, classic, heart-wrencher, sci-fi, self improvement, comedy – you name it, if it is highly recommended to me – I will read it.

I’ve always had a deep love for reading but life gets busy, you know?  My hunger for all things books was rekindled over a year ago when I joined Book of the Month Club and was reintroduced to great new releases monthly and I had no excuses because they showed up at my door practically overnight.   I highly recommend checking them out!

I read print books and I listen to audiobooks – I think both formats are great for different types of books and stories, and also long commutes.

I make it a point to read the book before I watch the show or movie.  I’m of the The-Book-Is-Always-Better crowd, unless we’re talking about The Handmaid’s Tale because that series is AH-MAZING!!

When I’m done with a book I give it away. What good is a great book going to do sitting on my shelf gathering dust when someone else could get just as much joy as I did out of it? I used to call this book karma, I believe me putting so many good books out in to the universe is the reason so many people pass along their recommended reads to me, but then I found the book fairies and I instantly converted/channeled by book karma in to fairy goodness.

I blog (and read, and watch TV and instagram and peruse Goodreads and pinterest, and cook, and fold laundry…) with a glass of wine, coffee or water in my hand.

When I’m not reading you will find me playing with my kids, baking, traveling, hiking,  drinking wine or coffee, at the library, binge-watching a TV show, adding to my TBR list or otherwise procrastinating from whatever I am actually supposed to be doing – probably working.

I plan on posting full book reviews mostly, but you will find me actively engaged on instagram @reading.betweenthewines